Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions for site/on-line services usage

1. EVN Macedonia pays special attention to the safety and security of customers’ personal data. Personal data of the customers, such as name, address, phone number, or e-mail, are kept in accordance with the provisions of the applicable version of the Law on Personal Data Protection.

We have undertaken all prescribed technical and organizational measures to protect the personal data at our disposal, in order to prevent unauthorized access and their abuse. Our safety procedures are regularly controlled and reflect the latest technological developments in this area.

EVN Macedonia, upon request, may openly inform you which of your personal data are processed and updated.

2. Usage Terms and Conditions are accepted in their current version by using the website. EVN Macedonia reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions at any time.

3. EVN Macedonia shall ensure the website is available 24/7. Inevitable interruptions, in particular, related to service and maintenance, if possible, shall be published on the website. EVN Macedonia shall not be liable if the website is unavailable. There shall be no legal right to usage or maintenance of the website. EVN Macedonia reserves the right to modify, restrict or remove certain functions of the website at any time.

4. In order to use the E-PAY service, EVN Macedonia customers are required to register with true and correct data. The customer shall register data on meters in his possessions, or meters for which the customer is authorized to receive invoices. The customer uses the service at his/her own responsibility. EVN Macedonia shall not be liable for any damages the customer may incur when using the service or due to unavailability of the service in certain periods.

5. Following data are required for the usage of the E-PAY service:

  • Customer number
  • Invoice number
  • Username (at least 5 characters – letters and numbers)
  • Password
  • Valid e-mail

Data regarding the customer number and invoice number may be found on the invoice of the EVN Macedonia.

If the customer has several customer numbers, after the initial registration, the remaining customer numbers should be added to the data on the customer’s profile. Following the successful registration, the registered customer receives an e-mail validation containing activation link which allows usage of the on-line services. Activation link needs to be activated within 30 days, or after that period it will be no longer valid. In such case, it is necessary to register again.

6. Registration is open to any EVN Macedonia customer. EVN Macedonia reserves the right to restrict or terminate the access to the service for a certain customer without any prior notice, if such customer uses the service in prohibited manner or with false data. This shall particularly apply:

  • if there is founded suspicion that the registration customer data are false,
  • if there is founded suspicion that on-line services are used to commit fraud,
  • if there is founded suspicion that third persons gained access to the customer name and/or password

If the customer suspects that there is unauthorized access to his/her customer name, the customer shall immediately notify the EVN Macedonia’s Customer Relations Centre thereof.

7. The use of online services is free of charge. The commission for the invoice payment shall be borne by the EVN Macedonia.

8. If any refund is required, the customer shall complete a request available on the EVN Macedonia’s website, as well as in all KEC offices, and the request shall be submitted to the nearest KEC or to the EVN Macedonia’s Customer Relations Centre.

9. Companies use cookies on their websites to adapt the website to their personal needs. A cookie is a small textual file that the website keeps at the customer’s hard drive server. Cookies may not be used for programme operations or for sending viruses to customer’s computer. Cookies are assigned solely to the respective customer and they may be read by the web-server within the domain of the customer.

One of the main goals of the cookie is to provide a convenience function to the customer. A cookie makes sure that it provides insight to the customer’s website regarding specific information on subsequent visits. This simplifies the preparation process for available contents and facilitates the website browsing, etc.

The customer may accept or reject the cookies. Most web-browsers automatically accept the cookies, but the customer may set his/her browser to reject cookies, upon his/her request. If the customer wishes to reject cookies, he/she may not fully use interactive convenience functions of this or other websites he/she visits.

10. Copyrights on all documents (texts, images, etc.) used in the development of the website belong to the company, unless stated otherwise. The customer or third persons do not gain copyrights, license or related rights by using the website. Documents offered at the website and their contents may not be modified, reproduced, amended or used in any other manner without prior written consent by the company.